Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pumpkin Plaque Do-Over

Found this beauty at 'ole GW.
Now if you're the artist who originally painted
her, I'm not making fun of you...
she's jus' NOT my style, so I had plans for her...

Now, how do you like HER?

The white, smeary lines are glitter.
This picture does her no justice, but I promise you
she's cuter in person!

Have a happy Halloween Everyone!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Pumpkin Package!

Yesterday I was so excited!
I got a package in the mail...actually I got 2 packages,
but one was just flea killer for my dog...
but the other was this:

I saw that it was from my friend and fellow blogger Tricia,
so I knew it had to be something GOOD!

It was one of her cute, crepe paper pumpkins!
Isn't it precious?

I think it's loaded with treats, but I didn't want to
open it and mess up its cute-ness.
Visit Tricia's blog here and find out how to make your own!


Saturday, October 17, 2009

How To Make a Mannequin

One more post on my daughter's crafty doings!

While I was out one morning
my daughter got it in her head that she wanted to make
her very own mannequin to dress up in her own clothes.

So how did she learn to make one??
From again, the handy-dandy internet!

First you find an old shirt and pair of shorts
that you wouldn't mind not having anymore...
Then you put them on and have someone duct tape you
all over the shorts and shirt.
(Do them separately.)

Then cut one seam up the back and take them off.
Stuff them with newspaper, and then
duct tape the two pieces together.

Then cut newspaper shreds and
paper mache' the paper onto the duct-taped form.
(Be sure not the make the glue too watery. Hers
was a little too watery so the paper had problems
with sticking properly.)

After it dries completely, paint the form.

And there you have it!
You're very own mannequin in just your size!
Not bad, eh? For a 12 year old!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Sculpey Teddy Bears

The kids and I are on a 2 week Fall break from school.
Which translates to: find lots of things to keep them busy!

All of these kids aren't mine...
just the precious one with the long, black hair and white shirt.
The rest are friends and neighbors.
They are sculpting with Sculpey clay.

They all decided to make teddy bears.
Here's Josh working on his Polar Bear.

And here's Michael's Brown Bear and Megan's Polar Mom & Baby!

Summer did a Panda Daddy and
Megan did a Polar Daddy.

You bake them in a glass dish at 245 degress
for about 15-20 minutes.

Aren't they cute?!
This best part was that it kept those kids busy for at least an hour and a half!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Our Own Cake Boss

My daughter loves watching the CAKE BOSS show.

He is SO talented.
He makes works of art like this...

...and these. Amazing.

One day my daughter got inspired to do some cake baking of her own. We had a cake mix, but no frosting so she turned to the handy-dandy internet and found a recipe!

What a smart girl!

She mixed, baked, and frosted the entire cake all by HERSELF!

It's her PEACE sign creation.

Preeeetty cute!

And it didn't taste bad either!

(She also won that cute cake stand from a raffle. See, she was destined to bake cakes!)

Friday, October 2, 2009

Childhood Letters

One of my very first friends in the world was a girl named Kelly.
Kelly and I met in kindergarten and lived in the same neighborhood.
Everyday we walked to school together.
We were both skinny and often got teased for being the tallest girls in the class.

I think that's why we formed a bond so early on.
Throughout our childhood we wrote each other letters and notes.
Guess what?
I still have those letters!

All 30-something of them...

The funniest notes are the ones we wrote in junior high.
Kelly was the Bee Gees #1 fan and quite obsessed
with Barry Gibb, I might add.

The movie Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band
came that year, and we must have seen it
at least half a dozen times!
Then we started writing each other letters as "Yvonne" (Barry Gibb's wife) and "Linda" (Robin Gibbs wife). Is that a riot or what?!!!

Being the save everything-pack-rat that I am, I found these letters recently and laughed my booty off reading them again!

Thanks to Facebook I recently found Kelly again, and decided to send her a surprise for her birthday. Since she has teenage daughters of her own I thought she might get a kick out of re-living some her junior high memories!