Sunday, September 13, 2009

For the Love of Retro Fans, Asparagus & Italy

This weekend was our neighborhood garage sale. I didn't sell anything this time, but I was happy to grab some friends and go shop around the 'hood!

I found this pretty, retro looking fan right across the street.
It was filthy-dirty, but it came out shiny-new with a good washing!
Isn't she gorgeous?

I also found an asparagus steamer (something I've always wanted!).
And a guidebook to Italy, from my friend, Nancy (she gave it to me free!)...I plan...I HOPE to go back to Italy within the next few years.

That was all the deals I found. My daughter and her friend sold all their old toys and clothes in our drive-way and managed to make over $80 combined!

Guess I should have sold some stuff to help pay for that trip to Italy!


Roxanne said...

I love the blender I got and April and Echo love the stuffed animals. Oh and the little bags that turn into little squares are awesome!!!!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Those two girls did good! and I like the retro looking fan. I have 2 similar ones that I use inside. A little more nostalgic looking than the box fan heh? Have a great week. Jackie

The Berry's Patch said...

I love the retro fan. My aunt has a few of those and she spent a fortune on them.