Thursday, April 1, 2010

Mommy's Office Do-Over

Gosh, where does the time go? I haven't posted in about 2 months! Here is one of the projects I was working on around my house. I have a room in my house called "Mommy's Office". Over the years it slowly became "Mommy's Hoarding Room". I had more embarrassing pictures of all the junk I was hoarding, but I can't seem to find them on the computer. You will have to settle for this one picture and take my word for it that this room was in BAD shape!

This picture is actually looking 10x better than what it was. This picture was taken after I had already taken LOADS of junk to Goodwill.

Finally I decided to get REAL about cleaning up my "office" and turn it into a functional space for me to do...what ever I want in here!

And no, this is NOT an April fool's joke...I really did clean up this room!

TA-DA!!! When you enter the room, this is what you see.

My mom gave me her old curtain rod, and I hung up these curtains that my sister gave me years ago. They used to hang in her daughter's bedroom. They are Waverly design and I love them!

There's a spot for my Cricut! What's in the mini armoire behind the Cricut?
Cans of spray paint!

This bookshelf is a bit of an eyesore...just no way to store that stuff cute-ly. I'll have to work on making it look better.

Did you notice my ribbon jars on the shelf?

Here's an up close pic of ribbon jars. I love storing them like this. Got the idea from blog-land. Everyone's doing it!

Finally had the hubby put up this shelf and brackets after acquiring the brackets from my mom almost 10 years ago!
In the baskets up there...those are my childhood friends: Domy, Dewey, Bashful, Nutshell, Monkey and others.

The bulletin board in a frame was a recent project. I got the cute pen holder thingy at a garage sale.

Okay, ready to do some projects in here...just need to find me a cute garbage can first...instead of that cardboard box down there under the windowsill.

Sorry I haven't been able to visit your blogs lately. I should be having more time on my hands soon since my job is making us take furlough days. But that's another story!


houseofkat said...

Wow! Doesn't it feel great to get organized?! Looks great! :) Unfortunately, I don't even know where to begin...

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Looks GREAT! I love the look of "organization" :)