Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Baby Boy Turns 16!

I can hardly believe that 16 years ago today I gave birth 3 weeks early to this amazing baby boy. I knew I would name him Zachary 3 years before he was born.

Zachary, when you came into the world I thought you were the greatest thing that ever happened to me. My life-long dream of having a baby boy came true.

Little did I know what an amazing, fun, confounding, exciting, frustrating, emotional yet joyful adventure it would be to be your mom!

I LOVE your sense of humor and quirkiness.

I love your serious side too. I appreciate your intelligence. You have a strong sense of family, and I love how it is important to you.

You can be a great role model to your fellow young man....and a great dancer!

I know as your mom, I often embarrass you, but I am SO proud to be your mom!

I thank God daily for "loaning" you to me!
Happy 16th Birthday!!!!
I love you, Zach!


houseofkat said...

Oh my gosh! 16?! Zach has grown up from a cutie pie to a handsome young man! Geez, where does the time go? I still remember carrying him at your baby shower! Happy 16th Zachary!

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

What a handsome man you have there Sherri! He's a lucky boy to have a great mom too ;) Happy Birthday Zach!