Sunday, April 26, 2009

Busy, but Blessed!

Hello! I'm back.
It's so hard to for me to find time to post these days!
It kinda bums me out...'cause I barely have time to catch up on
other people's blogs as well.

I guess I should look at it as a Blessing.
It's a blessing that
my life is so full.

Full of:
a secure job,
a husband,
small group,
music lessons,
birthday celebrations,
bridal shower,
youth group benefit dinner
quiet times,
running a household,
etc. etc. etc...

Yes, thank you God for my full life!

Here's something else I'm thanking God for these days.
I finally got to say good-bye to my old friend
Mr. 17-Year-Old-G.E.-Super Noisy-I-Was-Waiting-4-U-2-Die-Dishwasher.
He served us well, and is now resting in peace somewhere...perhaps
hanging out with the Brave Little Toaster.

Now say Hello to Mr. Shiny-Energy Efficient-Super-Quiet-Whirlpool-Dishwasher!

Can I sing to you? "You are soo me!"


Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

I like the new dishwasher... Very cool!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

How fun! It's wonderful to have something new like that...I bet it will change your (dishwashing) life!

houseofkat said...

Sounds like you've been quite busy! Answer to the kool aid playdough question ~ I think it would last longer in the refrigerator. Ours got moldy in about a week. Also gets pretty sticky when it sits around so just knead in more flour. Have fun!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

Great new dishwasher, and isn't it wonderful to count the blessings we have in our lives! Jackie

Em @ Bunch of Scrap said...

Beautiful shiny dishwasher!