Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Clipboard for Carol

Hi Everyone!
Meet Carol. She is a beautiful person inside and out.
Carol works so hard at our church
as the Children's Ministry Director. I just wanted to
make Carol a little something to thank her for her hard work.

I saw this tutorial for making decorated clipboards at Imperfectly Beautiful.

I LOVE how it came out!
Here are front and back pics. Just use scrapbook paper and Modge Podge- easy!

I added a little tag.

I attached Carol's wishlist for Vacation Bible School this summer
and then got her a few items off her list.

Carol was quite happy and glad to cross off a few things on her list!

Thanks Carol for all you do!!!

BTW, these cute, little guys AND the original clipboard came from the .99 Cent Store!


Roxanne said...

um... have I told you my favorite color is blue? hint hint!

Jen~ Lipstick and Laundry said...

How cute... I know Carol LOVED that!

Empty Nest Full Life said...

So thoughtful of you, and I know she was thrilled. Jackie

houseofkat said...

The clipboard turned out really cute! What did you use to make the tag? Isn't Mod Podge wonderful?! I love that stuff!!

Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Carol is so lucky. It turned out adorably! Love it!

Sugar Mommy said...

What a great idea for a teacher gift! Can't wait to use it this year!!

Thanks for stopping by!

Jessica said...

For some reason I'm receiving email notifications for your comments on this post. I just wanted to let you know so you could switch things up. :)

Shannon said...

Those clipboards are so cute!!

Lemondrops Simple Stuff said...

What a great gift! I love the clipboard! I must make one!!! What 99 cent store did you find this stuff at? Thanks