Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extremely Easy Teacher Gifts

Between 2 kids, I have been doing teacher-end-of-the-year
gifts for 12 years now!
Now that my 2nd child is in middle school,
I've decided to go easy, quick, sweet, simplified and LOW BUDGET!

Just a little token to let my daughter's teachers know how
much I appreciate their efforts!

So I had these little boxes that I ordered from Stampin' Up
years ago. You fold them and glue them together.
They're only 3 in. X 3 in. but cute as can be.

I decided to stuff the boxes with designer M&M's
that come in my daughter's school colors: burgundy and gray.
Watch out, those designer M&M's are pricey- $5.99 for a 7 oz. bag. Ouch!

Thankfully, I only had to buy one bag of each color to fill 6 of these li'l boxes!
Short, sweet and to the point! Best of all, it only took me
a few minutes to put these together! (Shorter than
it took me to write this post!)


Lipstick and Laundry ~Jen said...

Very cool.... For jr high teachers it's fun to give junior mints!! ;)

Roxanne said...

I like those boxes! M&M's would make anyone happy. Haha.

candlesandcrafts said...

Great job! I love those little handmade gifts. I am sure the teachers loved them too.